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When a relative or friend has named you to be an Executor your first step is hire a lawyer. Martin Law PC represents Executors so that a Will can be Probated quickly and efficiently. If someone has died without a Will the process to distribute property is known as Administration. We help with both Probate and Administration proceedings.

Why Hire Martin Law, P.C.?

People are busy, and we provide full service so that the Probate or Administration process can be finished with a minimum of time and effort from you, the Executor or Administrator. Out of state Executors do not have to travel, and Court appearances are minimized. Most clients do not want to appear in Court and will never have to.

We take care of all matters relating to the Probate and Administration process. Probate and Administration is the Court processes that distributes a deceased person’s assets.

We will guide you through this process.

Martin Law, PC offers a free initial consultation so that everyone can meet and we can determine your legal needs. Contact us at (845) 764-8104to speak with a probate attorney in New York.

What Happens During the Probate Process?

During a Probate proceeding the Court determines the validity of a Will. Whether a Probate or Administration proceeding, the Deceased’s property is valued at this time. Further, Debts that the Deceased owed are determined at this time. If a Will, the Probate proceeding the Court will direct the Executor to grant the final wishes of the deceased by distributing property. Without a Will, the Administrator follows the Court’s Order to distribute assets pursuant to a statutory formula for when a person dies without a Will.

If you have lost a loved one and you need the assistance with the Probate or Administration process anywhere in New York State, Michael Martin at Martin Law, PC can help.

Assets held in the probate process include:

  • Real property (houses, land, etc.)
  • Valuables (jewelry, furniture, etc.)
  • Mutual funds, bonds, and stocks
  • Checking and savings accounts

Must All Property Go Through Probate?

Not all property must go through probate. In addition, property can pass outside of the Estate depending on how it is titled. If property is owned jointly or in Trust it will not got through the Probate process.

Only an estate that is valued more than $50,000 will go through the probate process if there is a will. If the estate is small, or under $50,000, then it will go through a "small estate proceeding". If there is no will, then the estate will go through an "Administration" proceeding.

Protecting Your Loved Ones' Assets

The person responsible for dealing with a deceased person’s finances and property, the Executor or Administrator, has been entrusted with a great responsibility. We can assist with virtually any area of Probate, including protecting the Estate from attacks.

We proudly represent clients in Hudson Valley and throughout New York State, and clients prefer our law offices for many reasons:

  • 30+ years of satisfactory results for clients
  • Personal and professional attention at all times
  • Effective legal strategies to protect assets Estates
  • Complimentary and confidential consultations throughout the proceeding

Martin Law, PC offers free initial consultations when you need help.

Contact us today at (845) 764-8104 to speak with a probate attorney in New York during a free initial consultation if you would like to learn more.

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    Risa Getman
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    Robert Beahan
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  • We help our clients find the peace of mind they need.
  • We offer both personal attention and professional skill.
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  • We offer our clients free and confidential consultations.
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